Better Technology Systems

Technology Services

DR - Backup and Disaster Recovery

As the world becomes more dependent on computers and technology, protection from data loss becomes critical to an organization's existence. BTS can provide you with Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions that can protect against everything from single file deletion to catastrophic events.

Computers, Servers and Networks

The building blocks of any organization's technology infrastructure are its computers and servers. BTS can provide you with the right equipment to match your organization's needs.


From site management, technology partnerships, technology audits, and project management, BTS offers a wide range of consulting services.

Document Imaging

With the ever-increasing need to eliminate paper, but retain information, BTS can provide you with a document imaging solution to satisfy current regulations and reduce your file storage needs.

Internet & Cloud Connectivity

BTS partners with Internet Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers to get you the most reliable cost-effective solution for your organization's needs.

Mobile Solutions

Better Technology Systems has extensive experience with connecting mobile devices securely to an organization's network.

Physical Space

From individual workstations to large server rooms, BTS can design space to meet your company's needs.

Project Management

From concept - to Blueprint - to move-in day, Better Technology Systems will manage your project every step of the way.

Security and Integrity

Threats towards your systems and data become more prevalent every day. The costs associated with security breaches are also increasing every day. BTS can provide you with the systems you need to protect your organization from threats both inside and out.


Better Technology Systems can provide you with the custom software solutions you need.

Telephone Systems

Even with the popularity of the Internet, your organization's phone system is an indispensable part of your business. Analog, Digital, or VOIP - BTS can provide you with the right phone system for your organization's needs.


We provide training solutions for people at all levels of computer sophistication and abilities. We can also train a number of your staff to train others in your organization. Our unique approach to training encourages end-users to embrace computer technology rather than fear the changes it brings.

Video Conferencing

As organizations try to save money in travel and training costs, video conferencing provides the solution to bring people from all over the world together with no travel expenses. BTS has the video conferencing solutions you need.


As server prices increase, organizations must leverage their investment by creating several virtual servers on one physical server. BTS has the expertise to maximize your server potential through virtualization.