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Better Technology Systems has the expertise to get your technology projects done on time and within budget.

Site Management

Not everyone can afford a full-time on-site technology staff. BTS can provide you the amount of coverage you need for the amount of time you need. We provide both onsite and remote maintenance services so that you only pay for the time you need us.

As part of our services, we will manage your technology end-to-end including:

- Proactive monitoring of systems to allow us to be aware of potential problems before they become real problems for you

- Technology & Budget plans including 5-year plans

- Equipment lifecycle management including purchasing, warranty extension and retirement

- User management including PC imaging, Identity Management, wireless device integration

- Training

Technology Partnerships

You may already have your own technology support staff, but occasionally need extra hands or more expertise. Better Technology Systems can provide people to work with your existing technology staff on special projects such as new equipment installation, or projects where it doesn't make sense to have your staff spend weeks to learn something that they will only have to do once. Some of the areas where we can assist you include:

- Training of your technology staff or end users

- System upgrades

- First time software installation

Technology Audits

You know that you have to invest money in your technology to stay in business, to stay current and to stay competitive, but is the money you are investing getting you the most bang for the buck? Better Technology Systems can analyze where your technology dollars are going and help you determine the best solutions for your technology dollars.

Project Management

Whether it is a technology project, or a construction project, Better Technology Systems can manage your project through its successful completion. BTS can handle all the phases of your project, including:

- Project Timelines

- Budget management

- Vendor/contractor coordination

- Punchlists

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Our goal is to give customers the most complete and cost efficient solution to their technology needs. We accomplish this by designing systems that can grow with you, not into which you must grow.

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